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Why add retinoids to your skincare routine? Using retinol has many anti-ageing benefits. It smooths out wrinkles and helps to stimulate the production of collagen. Also, retinol can improve uneven skin tone, (dark) spots and discoloration. Overall, it's a highly effective ingredient for younger-looking skin.

Some people claim that retinol will exfoliate the skin, so you shouldn’t use it with an AHA or BHA. Also many people are afraid to combine retinoids with vitamins or niacinamide. But the truth is that these ingredients work very differently to improve skin, yet they complement each other when paired together. Our favorite retinol combinations?

  • VITAMIN C + RETINOL: Research has shown that combining vitamins gives the best results. Vitamin C actually helps retinol work better! It fights free radicals: a process that helps protect retinol from oxidation as it penetrates skin—thereby increasing the anti-ageing benefits!

  • NIACINAMIDE + RETINOL: Retinol and niacinamide can also be used together to give impressive results. Their combined use is recommended because niacinamide keeps skin calm, while retinol works its wrinkle-fighting magic.

  • AHA CLEANSER + RETINOL The most common AHA is Glycolic Acid is derived from sugarcane. Combining retinol and an AHA cleanser together can be an effective combination - While retinol’s effects extend deeper into your skin, AHAs only work on the top layers. Combining these two ingredients, is a great way to create an ultra-powerful skin care cocktail.

So, what can’t you pair retinoids with? The only caution comes when you’re using multiple products that contain retinol, or other forms of retinoids (including stronger, prescription-only products). Although there is no harm in pairing them, you should be aware of the increased chance for skin irritations.

It never hurts to connect with a dermatologist before combining these ingredients. Dermatologists can offer personalized guidance and product recommendations based on your skin type and skin care needs, along with tips to avoid irritation or damage to your skin.

Curious what products Dr. Dierickx would recommend for your skin? Whether you have general skin texture issues, are having trouble controlling oily, dry, or sensitive skin, or want to put together the best anti-aging regime. Dr. Dierickx is there to guide you to the right routine and/or treatments.


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