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This question is a question we often get.. Dr. Dierickx recommends sunscreen as the #1 anti-wrinkle cream that prevents sagging and dark spots. Nothing protects your skin and keeps it looking fresh and young as a daily SPF 30 or higher!

We don’t want to scare you, but research shows that sun damage begins the first minute your unprotected skin sees daylight…

Therefore, daily applying broad-spectrum sun protection is key for preventing sun damage and premature signs of aging, but also to defend your skin against pollutants.


  • UV light emitted by the sun steadily and silently hammers away at skin year-round, resulting in premature signs of aging and worse…

  • Your carefully selected skin care products won’t work without sun protection.

Then, how?

Use sunscreen as the final step in your daily skin care routine. Any skin care product you apply over sunscreen will dilute and reduce the effectiveness.

But how to apply sunscreen correctly?

1. Spread a visible layer over your skin and massage in

2. Don’t forget ears, neck and chest

3. Always apply as the last step in your skincare routine and never mix with other products.

Is it too late and is your skin showing dark 'sunspots' from overexposure to the sun? Or has it been left with wrinkles from the aging process? There are treatments are available to make your skin look radiant and younger. Dr. Dierickx specializes in the prevention and correction of skin aging. Book a consult with Dr. Dierickx to get advice on the right anti-aging treatment and skincare routine for you.


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