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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Big news! We are excited to offer a new, first of its kind, acne-specific medical device solution that specifically targets the key cause of acne, without disrupting the outer layer of skin. This is the game changer for acne. Regardless if you are female or male, this could be the right choice for you if you are over the age of 16.

So, how does this acne treatment work?

This new technology uses an advanced, scientifically engineered new laser wavelength, specifically created to target a key cause of recurrent acne. This laser treatment modifies the sebaceous gland and normalizes the sebum (oil) production, drastically reducing your acne while stopping future acne outbreaks.

We prepare your treatment area in advance to ensure a comfortable experience is maintained throughout your treatment.You can go about your regular routine immediately after each treatment. Plus, you can receive this treatment during any time of the year, which means that you do not have to avoid exposure the sun during or after this treatment.

This new acne laser treatment is the only solution of its kind to put acne into remission. Clinical study results show over 80% improvement in inflammatory acne lesions, after 4 treatments, given once every 4 weeks.

Do you have any questions or wish to book a treatment? Get in touch with Dr. Dierickx.



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